Frequently Asked Questions

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» Are signs expensive?
» How long does a sign last?
» When I come in to order my sign, what information will you need to know?
» How do I place an order?
» What are your payment terms?
» What is the typical turn-around time for sign or printing production?
» What file formats do you support?
» Do you provide proofs?
» If I have a logo, what electronic format do you need it?
» Is there an artwork/set-up charge?
» Can I bring you a logo on a business card or company letterhead?
» Are there extra charges if I can't give you a logo or special artwork in the right format?
» What about client provided files?
» How do I send large files to you for producing signs or printing?
» Will applying vinyl directly to my paint hurt the paint on my vehicle?
» Do you keep my artwork and sign set-up on file?
» Why don't you publish a list of prices?
» What about copyrights and trademarks?
» Do you have discounts?
“...Tammy and her staff go the extra mile to ensure we meet our deadlines...” - Erin Gobolos | Marketing Manager, Westerner Park